Welcome to our new home on the web!

The Tucker Brothers have been making music together for a lifetime. They have written songs about growing up in Alabama, and are known for their simple presentation. Come on in and explore!

We had a website for years that just kind of hung out at a server that was never taken offline, even though we stopped paying for hosting. As with most good or free things, this too came to an end, and we disappeared from the web.

Finally, we have returned with a new site for our dozens of fans. You can also find us on FaceBook (see the link below) and on YouTube. There you will find video of us in concert, along with other information and pictures. We will try to keep this sight current as well.

These days, we spend most of our musical energy serving at Tropical Sands Christian Church. Joel is Senior pastor there, while Tommy leads music at most of the worship services.

We also host a gospel music "jam" session at the log cabin, located behind Tropical Sands, every Saturday night at 6:30. It's quite a thing. Lots of acoustic musicians show up every Saturday night to join us singing old gospel songs, usually with a good crowd of singers and listeners. It's a great time for everyone. Y'all are all welcome to joins us, each and every Saturday night at the church.

This is the Tucker Brothers band. Jake (our guitarist) and Hank (our drummer) have played with us regularly for more than 25 years. We have played in concerts, fairs, and fund-raising events across South Florida. Our two CDs (Red Letters and Country Gospel Sounds) feature the full band, recorded live in concert.

Our live appearances in the full band are quite rare these days. If you hear of a concert near you, you had better come on down. Every time might be the last!